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After having worked at Hermès, Bally, Dunhill and Calvin Klein, you decided to start your own brand.  
What was your motivation? 
My motivation to start DANWARD was the result of my frustration at not being able to find modern, luxury wears for my ‘off-time’. Here in Europe, we’ve elevated vacationing to a religion and I was challenged to understand why, as a man of style, I could not find urban, cool, edger swimwear and accessories for my leisure time. Simply, I could not find luxury resort wear for my taste.

With my background in design and as a swimmer and a lover of summer, I felt uniquely capable of addressing that miss in the market. My objective in creating my brand was simply to design for men like myself; men who are looking for cool-chic, on-off beach products with unquestionable quality and to bring to market a total assortment, one that included a consistent vision across all categories. Today we offer everything our customer would need in his suitcase for chic holiday away; from shorts to briefs to cool sportswear and an iconic summer footwear assortment.

What is important to you as a swimwear designer?
At the end of the day – we am trying to create swimwear that is chic, performs, and lets our customers express their sense of style while at the beach or on the deck. To do that, fit, function and style must be individually addressed and balanced.

In swimwear, fit is paramount as it can be very polarizing. Not all men have perfect bodies, but all men want to look sharp. We work hard to be sure that our cuts are flattering yet easy. For example, our flat-front shorts are designed with a semi-elasticated back. This allows for a clean sharp look but the elasticated back panel and side adjusters adapt to the wearer’s body.

Performance is equally as important – so I used super light, soft nylon fabrics (rather than harder canvas) that are woven in Italy to have quick drying and sun protection features. Every detail in the make up of our swimwear is studied. Our seams are reinforced to ensure they don't give way with time, metals are treaded to resist corrosion, and colors are fixed to resist fading. We have also included a hanging loop in all swimwear so that the suit can dry on a hook and not deform the fabric.
Finally, we add our signature prints and color. All our graphic prints are designed in
house and are exclusive to our brand. We also have developed a unique color vocabulary which is more urban the other swimwear brands, one which is rich and sophisticated yet bright. We like to mix urban natural such as slates, mid grey, sands with strong highlights like acid yellow – electric blues and shades of hot red and orange.
Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?
A vagabond by nature, I am constantly lured by that patch of beach, that sunset or some far away place that I've yet to discover. Thru my designs, I tried to capture the spirit of travel, adventure and wellbeing and express it a style that is modern, casual and elegant.
How does the ideal DANWARD man look like? Who would like to see as the face of your brand?
Everyday, I am inspired by individuals who have the strength of character to develop their own personal style and the courage to express it.
I design for men who have a strong sense of self – who seek quality, are travelled, educated and curious.


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  • Alessio: April 01, 2016

    Articolo molto interessante, è bello vedere realizzarti i propri progetti e le proprie idee, sei un bellissimo esempio!

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